Unusual Weather!

Yorkshire is having the best summer for many years, hot sunny days follow one after another. But gardeners and farmers are looking anxiously at the sky looking for signs of rain which flowers, vegetable and grains desperately need. Rain is essential for plant growth upon which our food supply depends.

We can admire the dramatic graphics of the weather forecasters but do they really explain why the weather is as it is?

The Bible teaches that God is in control of all things including the weather.  Eliphaz in the book of Job says “He (God performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted ….He bestows rain on the earth,. He sends water upon the countryside” (Job 5:9-10) Elihu also in Job describes the rain cycle which results in “abundant showers that fall on mankind”

Of course sometimes we see the consequences of too much rain, floods, houseswashed away and crops ruined.  So we may wonder what is God up to.

The Bible is quite clear that God manages all things so we have to accept with grace what God sends. Job says “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the Lord be praised” (Job 1) so whatever the weather we can have total confidence that God is in control. Putting our total trust in God can change our attitude to life, we don’t need to worry God will send rain and sunshine in sufficient balanced quantities.

But God’s control is not limited to the present.  He has promised to create a new heaven and a new earth.. the sound of weeping will be heard no more (Isaiah 55) This will be when Jesus will  rule in righteousness and at that time the weather will be perfect every day!

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